Dressing and Grooming
Assistance for Seniors

Over the last 15 years, Justin Villa Care has been a home healthcare agency that leverages creative and innovative solutions to allow elders to live independently in their homes. 

Sometimes, older adults are not willing to dress & groom themselves due to physical pain or discomfort. Our caregivers help them to maintain willingness & comfort in dressing on a daily basis.

Personal Care: Grooming And Dressing

What is a standard in-home Dressing & Grooming service?

Individuals who have long-term or short-term dexterity issues, debilitating illnesses, or surgeries may have problems performing daily tasks that would otherwise seem simple. Keeping their needs in mind, our in-home dressing & grooming service include:

  • Organize the closet
  • Style hair and help clean nails
  • Provide instructions on brushing teeth, shaving, etc.
  • Ensure loose and easy to wear outfits 
  • Help them have a convenient and easy to maintain a haircut

How can dressing and grooming assistance be provided to elders?

As a caregiver, there will likely be moments when you need to step in and offer help. Fortunately, there are many simple steps you can take to help your loved ones dress and groom while letting them feel comfortable, independent, and respected.

An elder takes more time to get dressed on a daily basis. But to maintain confidence & self-esteem , a caregiver has to put in some extra effort. The patient suffering from diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s, with time, get bored and don’t want to get dressed. You might have to face situations where the person has forgotten to get dressed or is unable to recognize their belongings.

Tips That Might Help Perform Duties More Efficiently

We provide training to our caregivers to deal with difficult situations by ensuring calmness and peace.

    • Be there to help, and encourage self-dressing whenever possible.
    • Ensure they pick comfortable clothes as they have to be at home most of the time.
    • Above all, having an open conversation to know where they need help. Sometimes, elders are not open to discussion. 
    • Be there while they are getting ready. Take safety measures and ensure that they don’t hurt themselves.
    • Take some time to pick up the clothes your loved one’s choice, keep patience till they make up their mind for changing clothes, combing hair etc.
Need a helping hand? We, at Justin Villa Care, are always ready (24/7) to provide dressing and grooming assistance. To know more about our caregiving services, feel free to reach us at any time.

What our Patients and Their Families Say

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5.0 4 reviews

  • Avatar Leslie Davis ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Sadly, my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2021 and it became overwhelming to juggle her care and my job. A social worker recommended hiring a caregiver for seniors and gave me a brochure for Brenda and Doha at Justin Villa Care … More in Torrance. I am so thankful I called because their staff has been so professional and attentive to my Mother's care needs. Brenda is a registered nurse and her background uncovered some issues with her medication that she helped resolve with her doctors. I now don't have to worry as much about my Mother being at safe knowing that there are competent and skilled caregivers who treat my Mom so well. I highly recommend anyone to call Justin Villa Care if you are in need of a quality senior home care provider in Torrance.
  • Avatar Jenny Harrison ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Brenda and her amazing staff were VERY responsive to our family's needs. They check in regularly to make sure my Mom is ok and her care providers were all very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and compassionate.
    I HIGHLY recommend
    … More Justin Villa Care for families looking for help with homecare that is caring, reasonably priced, and very responsive.
  • Avatar Mike Grant ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I hired 24/7 caregivers from Justin Villa Care two months ago to care for my aging Mother and could not be happier. The time and attention that I have received from Brenda and her team has been a blessing. They've been checking in … More with us consistently to see how things are going and have responded with each of our questions with professionalism and care. So happy to have found them and would recommend them in a heart beat!
  • Avatar Stephanie Sandoval ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    My mom had a stroke that turned her life upside down from an independent woman to needing help with daily tasks. Justin Villa Care was referred to me by the case manager at the hospital and I’m so thankful she did. They met with our family … More promptly
    and brought in a caregiver who has been super helpful. Thank you Brenda and Doha for all your help.

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A caregiver has to build a strong bond of friendship with the elder. Normally, the elder will not be willing to ask for direct help. As assistance, you need to set the schedule and make daily dressing and grooming a habit.

Sometimes , you have to be creative and flexible so that they should agree to do most of their work by themselves. A careful monitoring of their mood swings is also important.

There are many apps that can help you develop the interest of the elder at home. To keep them happy , you can show them beauty apps and can make use of modern equipment. For example, an electric shaver with cutfree blades can help an elder get ready for shaving. Similarly, a nail art and polishing design can allure a senior to get interested in shaping her nail.

It totally depends on the condition of the elder. The second thing to consider is the timing of the caregiver. For full time in-home care , you can spend more time. But if you are coming for part time then you need to plan your day.

In all the cases, patience and scheduling is a must. The elder must not feel pressure of daily activities on oneself. Otherwise, he /she will start showing reluctant behavior .

 The involvement of a family member helps in developing the interest of the elder to maintain a lifestyle. A family member knows the personal choice of the elder so the person can help in choosing the clothes, selecting the hairstyle and so on.

A caregiver can tune with a family member to change the denial to dress up into a fun activity. Both can try  doing something interesting and innovative to make the elder feel happy and cherished. Afterall, to maintain hygiene and a healthy environment, personal cleaning, especially changing clothes, combing , and cutting nails is a must.

  • Communicate to convince the elder to bathe, don’t force
  • Take help of family members
  • Call a doctor, if the situation doesn’t change
  • Council the elder to get ready and go out for a meal.
  • Warm up the bathroom for Comfort

 Above all, keep patience and respect the individual’s sentiments.