How to Choose the Home Security System for Elderly in 2022

home security system for elderly

Home Security System for Elderly


With time, continuing to live at home is arguably one of the most significant challenges older persons face as they age. However, seniors who live at home alone are especially at risk for dangers to their health and well-being when living with post-surgical wounds, cognitive deficits, reduced vision, poor balance, decreased stamina, poor hearing, and chronic medical conditions such as respiratory and heart failure.

We develop common health conditions as we age, including hearing loss, back and neck pain, diabetes, depression, and dementia. We need someone to assist us with personal care or special care or even shopping and meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping & laundry, transportation. Even if we don’t hire a caregiver, we should at least use our home security system to monitor our home 24/7. 

So how do seniors and their loved ones up the ante on safety in the home, especially when seniors live alone and have minimal contact with others throughout the day? With the advancement of technology, it becomes easy and convenient for family members and caregivers to take care of their parents or seniors – doesn’t matter where are they. Want to know about such improvements in technology?

We’re going to discuss how to choose the home security system for elderly? What are the benefits of living in a day and age where advancing technology serves well for independent-living seniors and their family members, including home safety technology and the latest security systems.

What Is A Home Security System?

A home security system is typically a setup of devices to keep eye on the property and to make sure that the people inside it are safer. There is a wide range of security systems, including indoor or outdoor security cameras, alarms with text alerts, remote-controlled thermostats, automated lights, doorbell cameras, and lots more. These security systems monitor the activities of your elders to make sure that they are safe. Such a home security system may be very helpful if you have an older adult in your home with health issues like Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

Home safety companies provide security services for homeowners (occasionally with dual community and care use services in the event of a medical emergency). Such companies link individuals with emergency care providers and law enforcement officials when unexpected incidents occur such as home break-ins, fires, carbon monoxide leaks, floods, medical events, and falls to name a few. 

Community-based Supports and Services for Older Adults

Best Home Security Systems for Seniors

Our 24 Hours In-Homecare Services for elderly allows seniors to stay in their homes comfortably. Our well-trained and dedicated home health care service can help improve the health of adults, and they can recover soon and spend a quality life at home. But safety is always a concern when you’re leaving elders home alone.

Anyone across the age span can benefit from the use of a home safety company, especially seniors who live alone. Some services that a home safety company include:

  • Monitors for house disasters including floods, fires, and gas leaks.
  • Intruder alert systems.
  • Backup generator systems in case there is a loss of power.
  • Sensory alert systems for when someone falls in the home and can’t get up.
  • Customized call systems to get a hold of loved ones and caregivers.
  • Direct access to home safety company representatives who can link to dispatch, even when someone is unable to get to a phone or talk to someone.

How Much Does Home Safety Services Cost?

Senior Safety and Smart Home Security Systems

This highly depends on the home safety system and company. The fees of such services include monthly services, installation fees, equipment fees, risk assessment fees, and termination of service fees. It’s essential for seniors and family members to thoroughly research while looking for such companies and the services they provided to prevent spending unnecessary amounts of money. It lessens the chances of spending extra money on services and equipment that aren’t needed.

What Are the Types of Services Can Help Seniors Age in Place?

Just about any service available through a home security company can be used to address the needs of seniors, health and age-related. Some features that may be included, but not limited to, are:

  • 24/7 monitoring systems
  • Thermostats
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Cameras with and without recording features
  • Google home devices hooked to Wifi
  • Water sensors
  • Movement sensory systems (useful for falls)
  • Smart door lock devices
  • Garage control devices
  • Intruder alert systems

There are multiple home security company contracts available. Seniors and family members should research several options before financially committing to the right one.

In order to make a suitable contract, consult our Justin Villa Care experts!

What Are Alternative Technologies to Home Security Companies?

Of course, not every senior will need all the bells and whistles that come with home security company systems. In those cases, there are alternatives that can be applied to keep seniors safe at home and family members well connected for when emergencies arise:

Cellphones – Have a reliable cellphone handy that is fully charged and, on your person, especially when you’re alone in the home or in the community. Make sure all close and available family members and friends are listed in contacts. So, make sure the phone is programmed for speed-dialing in the event of an emergency. To get you started, here are the best apps for seniors to keep you safe and connected.

Echo Dot systems – Echo Dot systems for seniors has grown in popularity for home use. Echo dots use voice recognition to pull up music lists, facts, and online purchases. Some systems can even be hooked up to call loved ones and control home features such as lights, garage doors, and smart lock devices.

Note: The Echo Dot should not be used as a reliable substitute to access emergency dispatch.

Fall alert systems – Fall alert systems for seniors can be worn, installed in a home, or used wirelessly to access 24/7 help in the event of a fall or other medical emergency.

Want to know more about such systems, take suggestions from our representatives!

Home Security Scams – How to Protect Yourself?

Safety Tips and Home Security for the Elderly

Since home safety is a popular topic amongst seniors living alone, it should come as no surprise that people will pose to obtain money for phony services.  There are several ways older adults can protect themselves from these scams:

  • Be cautious when approaching a door-to-door home safety representative. Don’t feel pressured to buy services from a door-to-door visitor and make calls to verify the company they represent.
  • Don’t purchase services from unsolicited callers and emailers claiming to be home safety representatives. Luckily, blocked number and “scam likely” features prevent that but are wary of out-of-state or unrecognized numbers.
  • If you have been approached by a representative, conduct an internet search including – the name of the representative, the company they are advertising for, and all customer reviews.
  • Talk to friends and families in your area to see if they’ve experienced similar interactions from potentially fraudulent representatives.
  • Keep records of all interactions and documents if you need to build a case proving fraudulent activity.
  • If you suspect someone is scamming you, report to FBI elder fraud division immediately.

The best way to safely obtain services from a trustworthy home safety company is to be the first to approach a representative either in person or over the internet. Avoid getting tossed around between numerous representatives and insist to consult with the same representative every time when setting up a contract.

Be adamant in seeking and turning down services that are relevant to your specific needs, so you are not paying exorbitant fees for unnecessary security perks.

Choose a Home Security System That Is Right for You

Seniors and family members who are new to selecting home security systems should sit down together and do the research. Read through and assess a wide variety of contract plans.

Consult with primary physicians and medical specialists who may be able to provide insight on what contract features and benefits would best suit your individual situation, and which ones you can do without.

Talk to company representatives, ask lots of thoughtful questions, and don’t feel overwhelmed by making hasty purchases. Make sure the seniors are actively involved in the selection process and feel comfortable once a contract has been made.

In order to know more about different home security systems, like which is suitable for senior citizens safety, don’t hesitate to ask our Los Angeles county or Orange county Senior Care experts. We, at Justin Villa Care, will assist you in every possible way!



Brenda Villanueva, R.N. is the owner and supervisor of Justin Villa Care, LLC; a licensed in-home care agency that serves seniors in Los Angeles and Orange county. Since 2006, she has helped seniors stay at home through caregiver services, such as, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, transferring, incontinence care, and Alzheimer’s care.

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