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Justin Villa Care provides a wide range of in-home care services for seniors. Our licensed caregivers are professionally trained and supervised by a Registered Nurse with 30+ years of experience.

Our mission is to keep seniors at home through attentive and  professional care. 

We understand that deciding to use outside help requires a lot of trust and humility, so we committed to not just capable care, but compassionate care!

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How We help Our Clients

Serving Los Angeles & Orange county

You want to take care of your loved one at all times, but sometimes life doesn’t allow it. Work, family, commitments, living in a different city; there are many reasons why you may not be around on a daily basis. 

We improve our clients’ lives by providing them a helping hand through their daily activities of living. Learn more below!

Personal Care Assistance


- Assist in/out of the shower/bath and sponge or bed baths.
- Shampoo hair, help wash upper and lower body.


- Change diapers.
- Clean genital and buttocks area.
- Apply cream/lotion to skin.
- Keep skin dry.


- Picking out clothes.
- Putting on and/or take off clothes.
- Verbal cues to get dressed if needed.

Feed & Prepare Meals

- Chop and dice food.
- Puree food for liquid diets.
- Spoon feed.
- Prepare food for special diets.


- Brushing/combing hair.
- Brushing/flossing teeth.
- Care for hands/fingernails.
- Care for dentures/hearing aids.


- Help getting in and out of bed.
- Move from bed to wheelchair, chair, commode or to a standing position.

Household Assistance

Medication Reminders

- Remind to take medication as prescribed by their doctor.
- Help take pre-measured self-administered medications.

Local Transportation to Appointments

- Escort to Doctor's appointment.
- Drive your car or the caregiver can drive their car.

Light Housekeeping and Laundry

- Dust, vacuum, make beds, wash dishes, wipe counters.
- Clean, fold, and put away sheets, towels and clothing.

Special Care Assistance

Memory Impairment

- Verbal cues.
- Redirect behaviors.
- Brain games, music therapy.

Hospice Care Support

- Provide comfort assistance.
- Added support for the hospice team.

Parkinson's Mobility Care

- Assist with physical therapy.
- Assist with all activities of daily living.

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