How Caregivers Provide Feeding Assistance To Elders

A caregiver is one who helps elders in their personal care or custodial care. Among in-home care services, feeding assistance is one of the toughest tasks. With aging, it can be difficult to chop food and use silverware. In such cases, home health aides can assist.

With aging, swallowing difficulties might arise. Due to this, choosing the most appropriate food and fluid textures becomes very important. Our caregivers have extensive experience working with dietary needs.

What is covered in feeding assistance?

Home care can be a vital lifeline especially for elders who have challenges eating or drinking.

Nutrition and hydration are critical to staying healthy for an elder. Dehydration is a serious problem for the elderly, resulting in frequent hospitalizations. Poor nutrition has been shown to slow recovery from an illness.

Caregivers’ duties starts from shopping for food, encouraging fluid intake, and meal preparation. They can also reinforce and track any special dietary restrictions.

Feeding assistance services cover:

  • Preparing a regular meal and snack schedule
  • Serving smaller portions of high nutrient foods
  • Keeping track of what works and is liked 
  • Preparing food as the per the taste and choice of the elder
  • Consulting a dietician to ensure the proper ratio of solid/liquid diet

How can in-home caregivers provide feeding assistance?

Help in feeding an elder is an integral part of primary in-home personal care services. Complications associated with the food habits of elders might lead to deterioration of health. This can have adverse effects on the metabolism of the body.

A caregiver is trained to take care of such situations. A caregiving agency can manage the overall health by taking care of the food intake. Some feeding assistance tips are following the below-mentioned instructions:

Need a helping hand? We, at Justin Villa Care, are always ready (24/7) to provide feeding assistance. To know more about our caregiving services, feel free to reach us at any time.

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 The feeding assistant is responsible for the meal preparation and feeding the elder. Also, ensuring a complete dietary is followed keeping the medical condition of an elder in mind.

However, some agencies provide cooked food for elders. Some housekeeping maids do meal preparation. They are responsible only for cooking, not feeding.

Feeding assistant offers the most extensive care an elder can get during the in-home care service. When the elder is on an oral diet, he must be facing a challenging medical condition.

In that case, looking for an experienced personal caregiver would be best. Also, ensure that the assistant is fully trained to provide skilled care. Sometimes we recommend hiring a trained nurse as she can also monitor medication

For a full-time caregiver, do I need to pay extra for feeding assistance?

No, if you have hired a full-time personal caregiver then meal preparation and feeding assistance are included in the services.

But if you have specially hired a feeding assistant for part-time, then you need to pay an extra amount for every service like meal preparation, utensil washing, feeding, etc.